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We are not saying developing trading algorithms is easy, We are just making it simpler.

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Get access to free tutorials on algorithmic trading here. The main focus on these tutorials is to provide user a comprehensive knowledge about the domain of algorithmic trading with keen focused on the Strategy development aspects.

Stock Market Simulator | Without Programming

Develop Complex Quantitative Trading Strategies for the India Stock Markets without any Programming. We got that covered for you well.

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We have tried our best to make the process of algorithmic trading as hassle- free as possible. From selection of stocks to optimizations of portfolios and Stress test's we provide our users with Industry scale features at household prices

  • Sectoral, Price-Volume and Fundamental Screener to implement any concept you have in mind.

  • Ability to test strategies beyond the centuries old Technical Analysis.

  • Simulate your strategies on upto 5 years of historical data within minutes.

  • Stess Test your trading strategies to know the best and worst possible outcomes possible in the future.


Algorithmic trading is the buying and selling of stocks based on certain pre-defined mathematical conditions. Automated trading is the placing of orders automatically as and when your algorithm tell you to. The key point is that automated trading is one of the most efficient ways to do algorithmic trading.
Algorithmic trading strategies are more and more based on mathematical expressions, whose values can be created on real-time basis by a computer and take Buy,Sell, Hold decisions.
No, you wont be requiring any software to be install on your system to use the Kuants Stock Market Simulator
No. Programming expertise is not required for using our platform. We have developed the system that is intelligent enough to understand any mathematical function which is feeded into it.
Yes.Users can access the simulator for free for a period of 1 month.
We have launched with the Equity market segment first. Futures will follow soon.
Backtesting/simulation is a computer based process that is carried out to check whether your investment or trading idea would have made money in stock markets historically. It yes, its a green signal to work more on your idea. If no, the idea needs a change.
Sure it is. Backtesting lets you know whether your idea would have worked in the history of stock or not. It makes you think harder to make better strategies.
You input your trading ideas in our simulator in the form of logical expressions, eg: close > open, if you thing you should buy when closing price is greater than opening price.
Backtesting alone doesnt guarantee you. It increases your probability. We have Stress Testing Modules the will help you to estimate the best and the worst case scenarios of your trading strategy.
In our module of stress testing, we implement Monte Carlo simulations. We create synthetic data of stocks using mathematical models and give you 1000 ways more to test your strategy on a stock.
Yes, we do provide parameters of fundamental datasets.

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