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Kuant’s provides all the required tools as well as the infrastructure requirements for ‘Algorithmic Trading’.

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Kuant’s provides all the required tools as well as the infrastructure requirements for ‘Algorithmic Trading’.


Get to know about the fundamental concepts of algorithmic trading in a crisp manner.

Stock Market Simulator

Test your investment ideas on historic data using our Stock Market Simulator.

Investment Strategies

Trade on our in-house investment strategies just by click of a button.

Execution system

That takes your verified,stress tested strategies live with a click of a button



Ayush Gangwar


In a nutshell. the strategy guy. Has been associated with firms like WorldQuant LLC, he develops the core investment strategies for Kuants. Highly passionate about quantitative research in stock markets. An avid Squash player.


Mohit Bansal


The brains behind the entire technology infrastructure of the organization. Highly passionate about development in big data technologies. An avid football player.


Pankaj Chopra

Senior Partner

A guy who fits in it all the domains. The lead investor, mentor and domain guide for Kuants. The team's go-to guy at any point.


Algorithmic trading is the buying and selling of stocks based on certain pre-defined mathematical conditions.
A big No. That's the beauty of our system.
We will roll out a trial version of our simulator for a period of 1 month. Thereafter, it will be a subscription service.
As of now, equity and futures market segments can be backtested.
Sure it is. Backtesting lets you know whether your idea would have worked in the history of stock or not. It makes you think harder to make better strategies.
In our module of stress testing, we implement Monte Carlo simulations. We create synthetic data of stocks using mathematical models and give you 1000 ways more to test your strategy on a stock.
Yes, we do provide parameters of fundamental datasets.
Yes, we will provide support for live execution when we launch. Contact us for more.

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